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   Performance Test for Cubase 5 Systems




Since there’s always so much confusion surrounding the real performance of different systems running Cubase, here’s a little standard Cubase 5 project that everybody can download and play on their systems:

Click here to download (615 KB)

According with Steinberg, we consider important to make the test in real-world working conditions:
- making mixdowns usually does not require very low latencies (producing a higher CPU strain), therefore a higher latency is practical as well. We consider 24 ms latency time a good setting for mixing works; so the raw CPU power of your system is minimally affected (but is affected!) by your specific ASIO driver and audio card model.
- we also consider 24 bit like standard resolution for professional audio projects.

Optionally you can test your system with the lowest usable latency time (having any audible clicks in the material).

After setting latency time to 24ms, watch the CPU utilization on "VST Performance" window, either in Stop and in Play mode.

Clicca per ingrandire A screenshot of Cubase running the test project (on my system)

Clicca per ingrandire "VST Performance" windows (of my system)

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